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Thursday's Fictions - Director's Statement

by Richard James Allen

Thursday’s Fictions is a 'hybrid arts' mix of dance, music, drama and cinema, based on my New South Wales Premier’s Award-nominated book of the same title. It’s an unusual, highly imaginative and richly textured film, inspired by what Richard Wagner dreamed for Opera – the idea of a “Gesamkunstwerk” – a total or complete artwork – a shared space framed by a unified goal, theme and story which allows different artforms to work together in concert towards an immersive sensory whole. As you watch this ‘high concept’ art filmmaking, you may notice that in some ways this film is like an opera – a flamboyant pageant of colour and texture, exploring grand themes, and featuring larger than life performances – but where is the singing? Perhaps it could be said that where there is drama in Thursday’s Fictions it functions like recitative in opera and where there is dance it is comparable to aria. And a bit like in opera, I would suggest that you don’t come to it in so much for the story as for a richly layered sensual and sensory experience.