Thursday's Fictions

Production Designer's Statement - Kate E. Wills

I am so happy and grateful to have collaborated with Physical TV on Thursday's Fictions to bring rigour, candour and clarity to the design of an opulent adaptation of a complex novel.

It was imperative to maintain continuity in the design in order to marry the different character’s worlds in a cohesive environment that plausibly contains all its inhabitants. The richness is then brought to life through the romanticism of the Victorian era and the story’s spiritual elements are enhanced by the theological theme of churches.

Time is the key and no less so in design. Each character has their own link to time – an hourglass, a Glockenspiel, a sundial – to further exemplify their slavery to its passing.

Prior to Thursday's Fictions, our teamwork was initiated with projects such as Rubberman Accepts The Nobel Prize, which was recognised amongst other things by the Critic’s Circle Award for Production Design. We then extended our work to other projects, which received critical acclaim – Down Time Jaz and its spin off What I Did On My Nervous Breakdown. After a couple of features and children, not necessarily in that order, now the extension of Thursday's Fictions world to the virtual presents itself.

May our collaborations always be so challenging and rewarding.