"The Pan’s Labyrinth of dance...Thursday’s Fictions is audacious. A mesmerising fantasy, a sensuous, oneiric landscape that reaches past the process of watching film. A story you will experience rather than follow (in the usual sense), almost as if a forgotten synapse has been tweaked and brought to life. Like a new bardo. A fresh, entrancing mythology. ‘Fictions’ that, like ideas and meanings, can quickly solidify in new and unexpected pathways...

"Thursday’s Fictions is by turn beautiful, unsettling or inspiring. It is visually ravishing and, at times, scary. Conceptually and cinematically, it is no less than a work of genius. I don’t think I can remember a time when I wished I had more than five stars to give a film. Quite simply, it is the best piece of cinema I’ve seen this year."
Chris Docker, Eyeforfilm (read full review)

"The production is exquisite, intriguing and exuding art. The Director and Choreographer Richard James Allen created a world of fantasy in which erotic and stunning imagery unfolds in front of your eyes. The drama is embedded with horror and sexuality, with passion and pain, beauty and nightmares.  Thursday’s Fictions is in a way an opera in which dance and drama are the centre piece. The choreography is quite rich and original and the dancers’ performance is sumptuous. The original orchestral music in this production is enthralling and moves the audience through sounds that go from the poetic to the dramatic."
Dr Beatriz Copello, Meapcare 

[A] visually and aurally sumptuous production…a visceral pleasure...[Director Richard James] Allen brings a dancer’s and choreographer’s embodied understanding of subjective engagement to his overall direction of the film…

In reflecting upon the effectiveness of using movement to inform the audience of characterisation, at an embodied, preverbal level of consciousness, perhaps the closest comparison to be made in contemporary popular cinema-going might be that of the recent martial spectacles, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Ang Lee, 2000), Hero (Zhang Yimou, 2002), and House of Flying Daggers (Zhang Yimou, 2004). These films convey much of the desires and intentionality of the characters’ lives through the way they move and interact on screen. But an important difference between Thursday’s Fictions and these films is that martial arts movies are, in the end, about using movement to protect one’s self while injuring another. The pleasure of seeing a diverse range of movement patterns used to convey intentionality and interaction, without feeling constantly assaulted, is one of the satisfying qualities achieved by [Karen] Pearlman’s intuitive and sensitive approach to editing.”
Dr Mark Seton, "Movement towards innovation", Metro Magazine, Issue 154, October 2007 (full text pdf)

"So intense, so kinetic, original and dark. Lovely."
Sara Rudner, New York Choreographer

“A masterpiece."
Anna Brady Nuse, Festival Coordinator,
Dance On Camera Festival, New York

“A wonderful film!  I love the ‘Dance Opera’ mythology.
Intense and captivating and beautiful and uplifting.”.
Jodi Kaplan, www.jodikaplan.com

“A sweeping and sensual cinematic experience
of music, dance and surreal fantasy
- a shining example of putting
the art back in arthouse.”
Leslie Harlow, Festival Director,
Park City Film Music Festival,

Gold Medal Award Citation,
Director’s Choice for Artistic Excellence in a Feature Film.

“A wildly inventive and highly entertaining film."
Andrew Mackie, Dendy Films

"Thursday's Fictions is mesmerizing
and fulfills the foremost requirement
in the art of filmmaking,
which is to experiment
with content and form equally.” 

Vahid Vahed, Festival Director,
The Fourth and the Last
Experimental International Film Festival (flEXiff).

“A dramatic and emotive film which is unique and captures dance
in a way I have not seen before on film”.
Edweana Wenkart
Director, Tsuki Pty Ltd

This (Australian) work is singular in its vision
to create a full length dance film
that is an amalgam of dance, music and drama...

The commitment and tenacity it takes to produce,
on film, a dance work of this length,
is testament to the company’s drive and vision.”
David Corbet,
Artistic Program Manager, Dance Flicks

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Thursday's Fictions in Second Life 

Dr Christy Dena discusses the incarnations of Thursday's Fictions
in her PhD on transmedia practice,

Transmedia Practice: Theorising the Practice of Expressing
a Fictional World
across Distinct Media and Environments 
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