Thursday's Fictions
directed and choreographed by Richard James Allen
produced and edited by Karen Pearlman
based on the book by Richard James Allen
a Physical  TV Company Production


•   ABC TV (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Thursday’s Fictions was first broadcast in Australia on ABC1
on Sunday July 29, 2007 at 3pm,
in conjuction with
the launch on the ABC Island of Thursday's Fictions in Second Life
It was subsequently broadcast on ABC2 on August 31, 2008, at 10pm,
and on ABC1 on Sunday November 8, 2009, at 11.15pm.

Film Festivals and other screenings:

•   Park City Film Music Festival, Utah,
     in competition for ‘Best Use of Music in a Full-Length Feature Film’

•   Screendance: The State of the Art Conference
     at the American Dance Festival, Durham,
    North Carolina, as part of ‘Stories Told by the Body’,

     a curated screening of Australian and New Zealand Dance Films

•   Bates Dance Festival, Lewiston, Maine,
     as part of a retrospective ‘The Physical TV Company: Dance on Screen’

•   The Woods Hole Film Festival, Massachusetts,

     screening in competition in the category ‘Narrative Feature Films’

•   The Fourth and the Last Experimental International Film Festival (flEXiff),
     Western Sydney

•   Eerie Horror Film Festival, Erie, Pennsylvannia, USA

•   Cinewest Installation Presentation
     at ARTiculate Arts Fair, Newington Armory, Sydney Olympic Park

•   Dance Flicks, Dancehouse, Melbourne,
     Special Screening followed by     
    Q & A with Director and Producer

•   Festival Internacional de Videodanza de Buenos Aires
, Argentina,
     Screening in ‘Panorama Video Dance’ programme

•   Alternative Film/Video Festival, Belgrade, Serbia,
     Screening in ‘Panorama’ programme

•   Dance on Camera Festival, New York City, USA,
(followed by Q & A

    with Producer/Editor Karen Pearlman on dance within a narrative).  Also included:
  EDITING PANEL: Karen Pearlman,
nominated for The ASE Best Editor Award in a Television Drama for Thursday's Fictions,
participated on a panel composed of dancers who edit films.
Click here for more information on the panel, entitled
"How the kinetic body/mind of a dancer has infliltrated the mainstream
through editing of tv and film". 
Panel Chair: Kelly Hargraves

   MENTORSHIPS ("The Editing Doctor is In"): Taking advantage of Karen Pearlman’s presence in New York,
and her Doctoral degree in Editing, the Dance on Camera Festival offered special mentoring sessions called
“The Editing Doctor is In”, to which people can bring their works in progress for discussion, development and advice.

Click here for more information on “The Editing Doctor is In.”

Click here to read excerpts from Karen Pearlman's Doctoral Thesis on Editing, "Cutting Rhythms".

•  Higher Ground
  as part of a selection of Dance Films from The Physical TV Company
screening for International Dance Day

Cinewest Cinematheque

  Cyprus International Film Festival

AFI International Film and Video Festival
  in the Official Festival Programme, d'Arte section

Dance Camera Istanbul
   as part of a retrospective program
   of Physical TV works.

•  Dundog Film Festival
   as part of a celebration of Australian film past and present

•  Popcorn Taxi
   followed by a Q & A with Director/Choreographer Richard James Allen and Producer/Editor Karen Pearlman

•  London International Dancefilm Festival, United Kingdom

•  International Dance Film Festival, Dance and Media, Japan

•  Dance: Film 09, Edinburgh, Scotland

•  III Mostra Internacional de Videodanca de Sao Carlos, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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