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    The Physical TV Company is a multi-award winning and critically acclaimed leader in the production and distribution of dance on screen. Unbound by conventions the company explores original ideas and tells imaginative stories within and across the media of film, dance and literature.

    Thursday's Fictions is a post-modern hybrid film in which dance, music, drama and cinematography are blended together to create a work of art. The world of Thursday's Fictions is epic and intense. Richard James Allen likens the film to an opera given its flamboyant pageant of colour and texture, its exploration of grand themes and larger than life performances.

    The study guide to accompany Thursday's Fictions has been written for middle and senior secondary students. It provides information and suggestions for learning activities in Dance, English and Media.

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    The multi-award-winning and much acclaimed film of Thursday's Fictions also fits into the unfolding pattern of a larger multimodal production, a fantastical parable about reincarnation by Australian writer Richard James Allen which has evolved over almost twenty years to become a cross media work for the stage, the page, the screen and most recently the new media creative platforms of Second Life (a 3D online immersive interactive story world) and machinima (cinema made inside a games engine). 

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    PhysicalTV@bigpond.com to request:

    a guided tour of Thursday's Fictions in Second Life
    a guest artist visit from the filmmakers

    a dance film workshop with The Physical TV Company

    a Thursday's Fictions Media Kit
    a transcript of the text of the film

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Teacher’s Statement: Thursday’s Fictions

by Catherine Gray (Melaney High School, Queenland):
Thursday’s Fictions is a truly unique and stunningly realized dance film and, in an educational context, provides an important example for students studying a range of artistic forms such as dance, filmmaking, music, and literature.  For the dance educator, Thursday’s Fictions is a fine example of cinematic dance film and offers students the opportunity to view, analyse and evaluate sophisticated contemporary dance in a narrative form and in a cinematic dance film genre.  In terms of exciting students’ interest and being relevant to the educational curriculum in this country, it is also significant that Thursday’s Fictions is a proudly Australian work!

As an educator it is essential to prepare and contextualize any material that we deliver to our students, and the sophisticated, evocative, erotic and fantastical content and images of Thursday's Fictions will require such discussions and contextualization.  One example would be to place the seminudity of some of the dancers in the film within the terms of a discussion of the aesthetic tradition of the female form as a symbol of beauty in Western Art going back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans.  Framings such as this would draw out from this richly layered piece opportunities for broader discussions on a range of interesting topics and would allow the students to better access and appreciate the significance and quality of this wonderful art work. 

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