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Launch Q & A on ABC Island in Second Life "a success" (SLOz)

Click here for a write up in SLOz, Australia’s Second Life News Source

Click here for an archive of the live video recording of the 'inworld' Q & A
by SLCN.tv (Second Life Community Network).

The Q & A was introduced by Lisa Romano of ABC Innovation.
Moderated by
Christy Dena - Lythe Witte

On the Panel:

Dr Richard James Allen - RichardJamesJiva Allen
Dr Karen Pearlman - Screendance Allen
Gary Hayes - Gary Hazlitt
Jacqueline Turnure - rock Sonic
Christy Dena - Lythe Witte  (Moderator)

Click here for pictures of Thursday's Fictions in Second Life build
and the Q & A at the ABC Island Amphitheatre

ick here to start your journey into Thursday's Fictions on Second Life
(There is a short excerpt from the film at the start area.  Walk to the end of the grove to enter the world of Thursday’s Fictions.  Please take your time.  This is a richly layered piece and asks you to ask questions of yourself.)