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  • Christy Dena discusses Thursday's Fictions in Second Life in her PhD on transmedia practice, Transmedia Practice: Theorising the Practice of Expressing a Fictional World across Distinct Media and Environments  (click here to read or download)

I am sure anyone who has ventured into the virtual 3D world of Second Life has at least for a moment reflected on the big issues of life. Even if it is simply questions about who you are provoked by the experience of creating of an avatar.  Last night I took some time out to explore and reflect in the Thursday’s Fictions build, a surreal story of a woman who tries to cheat the cycle of reincarnation to get eternal life. This is an art project about reincarnation, but as a story it has also reincarnated across a number of genres. It is a book, a film and now a virtual experience in Second Life....As you explore the interactive you are provoked to ask yourself those big questions in life and to move forward in the world of Thursdays Fictions you must answer them. This build makes you think about what is important, what values you hold, and how you view the afterlife. It is a reflective and complex experience highlighted by the medium because of its very artificiality.

  • Ananke Swamphen (SL)

"This was an amazing way to spend time on a Sunday morning!
This starts like a fairy tale:  I am in the dark dark woods and am not sure how I got there.  Here lies the void--filled with terror and uncertainty.  So I keep going, because what else can be done until I have knowledge of where I am?
Trees and walls whisper if I stand too close.  The depot, filled with ethereal music and phantasmagoric winds, makes me feel as if I've fallen into a gothic novel.  Fantastic!
I can only say that this hero's journey of sorts...starting with the crossing of the threshold into the world of the fantastic...is well planned.  I cannot wait to see all the life choices in the depot fully realized. 
And since I came to Thursday's Fictions backwards (seeing SL first), I will definitely have to watch the DVD.  What a hook!

I finally found something in Second Life that I will come back too - The Afterlife!  Thursdays Fictions.

A fantastica, Esperance (240, 40, 21)...I found the whole experience eerie. Jim Benson and I wandered around and explored things. You can download Second Life for free. If you are with Big Pond, the download data is also free, if you download from their site. And let me give you a tip. If you can't get through some gates/doors, step back and really listen to what the v

oice is saying. Thursday's Fictions is a challenge and a puzzle. Unlike some other sites...

I have trouble with Second Life - it's very swarm based and there's not much purpose to most of the installations. This Thursday's Fictions is an exception.  Gary Hayes (Gary Hazlitt inworld, associated with TheProjectFactory) is without doubt Australia's leading expert (if not the world) on Second Life development.

  • Jenene Lemaire (SL)

Amazing build so far, please finish this, one of the best I have seen so far. I want to see this movie now as well. Never heard of it before visiting this sim.  Really pleased to have found this..

  • Dahlia Trimble (SL)

"I have to say its at or near the top of my list of most interesting places and am anxious to see more of it as it's built.  I wish you success with your book and film and I'll have to see it when it comes to the US."

  •  Dr. Sharon Collingwood, Department of Women's Studies, Ohio State University
"YESSSSS! I've been in SL nearly two years, and this is the best thing I've seen so far.  Don't miss this, it's wonderful. This is a pretty intensive installation - not only from the emotional standpoint, but also because the visitor will stay longer that usual (I think I spent an hour there!)."

In reference to Greenies the fifth most popular brand on Second Life:
"By contrast Thursday's may not be as big (yet) but it does stuff and has more than one idea to ponder."

  • Bettina Tizzy, Not Possible in Real Life, "Karma in Second Life is certain: Whatever you don't do, won't come back to you - Thursday's Fictions"

NPIRL'er Gary Hazlitt's new sim, Thursday's Fictions, raises the bar for everyone on how to plan before you rez a prim. This is also a highly recommended visit for a very new kind of experience in SL. (Click here for full article.)

  • Scarlott Qi, Second Life News Network,
"Experience the next life at Thursday’s Fictions"

This build clearly is created to make visitors think about what is important, values they hold dear, and how they view the afterlife. The haunting music of Micheal Yezerski ebbs and flows throughout. Fragmented narrative floating in bubbles, crawling up a wall or whispered by a mirror moves the visitor along in the story. There are puzzles to solve to continue on the journey though Thursday’s Fictions. (Click for full article - page 1.)
(Click here for page 2.)

  • Natalia  Zelmanov's Second Life Diary, "Travel Guide - Things to See"

"Thursday's Fictions: Extension of an interactive fantasy/dance movie, with cool effects, eery sounds, and really makes you think about life."  (For more click on Day 317.)
  3 comments posted:

Jonny Petrova

    I tp'd to this sim, and I was so frightened that my avatar peed my e-pants! LOL.

    Seriously, it is so amazing what some people can do in Second Life. Because of the things skilled and creative people have been able to
do (especially the creators at Linden Labs), I have thoroughly enjoyed my Second Life experience.

Aerynne Beresford:

    I cannot wait to visit! I love your site - it is a daily "must read" for me. Speaking of Devil's Labyrinth, though, is it still around? I tried to visit it recently using the slURL in your blog and although I *think* I teleported to the right place, all I found as a big empty space and a few items, like a rainbow arch and a posing stand.


    Jonny, lol it *IS* spooky! Really amazing what you can do with sound and effects in SL :)

    Aerynne, thank you! Regarding Devil's Labyrinth, its still there (just checked *whew*). The TP issue may be from the SL weirdness last week. But def check them both out...they are both amazing :)

"Thursday's Fictions In Second Life launched last month, a project by The Physical TV Company I was briefly involved with earlier this year in Tasmania. Gary Hayes of the Project Factory worked with the team after Tas and co-developed quite a wild-looking environment for the virtual world, involving elements of the Thursday's Fictions book and film. Some really creative effects were used for this, and Gary's posted a meditative YouTube walkthrough for your viewing pleasure."

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