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Thursday’s Fictions in Second Life

Seventh Heaven - Windlight
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A Second Life 'Windlight' Machinima, Filmed and Edited by Gary Hayes (inworld: Gary Hazlitt)

Steinway Grand Piano and Classical Guitar improvisations both performed, in one take 'xcuse bum notes, by Gary Hayes http://www.cubrisound.com

All featured sim builds, main structures and terraforms created and designed by
Gary Hayes (inworld: Gary Hazlitt) (some unamed builds still in development)

Gary's builds or sim creations featured include: Esperance, The Pond, ABC Island, Cog Island, Marni, Thursday's Fictions in Second Life, Melbourne Laneways and others. (Laneways with Benjo Zabelin)

Medium rez 95MB MP4 640/480 available here http://www.justvirtual.com/SL_Seventh...

A Just Virtual Video Production © Gary Hazlitt/Hayes 2007

High quality still images of same scenes http://www.flickr.com/photos/garyhaye...

http://www.justvirtual.com and http://theprojectfactory.com